Our features


Optimize and simplify communication within your company

You wish to improve the management of your human resources, face more easily the seasonality of your activity and dematerialize the composition of your schedules while freeing up your time with the help of an innovative concept? Lamster will allow you to optimize the management of your personnel and information with the help of an interactive planning (multi-site and multi-media), taking into account the legislation and the "business" rules.


Bring flexibility to your structures and limit your turnover

Gain flexibility and handle the unexpected by automatically taking into account working time, extra hours, holidays... Lamster will allow you to have better organization during absences or delays, and you can also import payroll data into accounting software through data extraction.


Data storage on Lamster internal servers

A dedicated space for each user will be made available to you on our internal servers, allowing you to deposit all types of documents necessary for the company. In order to best protect your data, our company has entered into a partnership with the company GEOIDE Crypto&Com, specialist in the management of critical data.


Dematerialize your administrative procedures

Instantly edit all types of contracts, import payroll data into accounting software with data extraction, and automate your data flows by signing any document, at any time by opting for electronic signature.

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